Northern Wind Exhibition - Four Galilean artists coping with the zeitgeist

Curator: Asia Dublin

Asia Dublin is a curator, designer and jeweler living in Adamit in the Western Galilee.
Today she is  also involved in architectural and interior  design, both of which are characterized by her own eclectic style.
Over the past few years Asia has initiated and produced various projects in the Western Galilee including exhibitions in private and public venues such as:
Kibbutz Lohamey Ha’Getaot, Cabri Gallery, Rosh Hanikra Gallery and more.
Asia is involved in the restoration and preservation of “The Painted House” in the village of Shlomi

Lily Poran
Painter and Sculptor

Born in Jerusalem, lives in the Galilee

Alon Gil
Ceramics Artist

Bezalel graduate, lives and creates in Clil ecological village, Western Galilee

Batya Gil Margalit
Multidisciplinary Artist

Bezalel graduate, works mainly with glass, See movement and video art. She lives and creates in Clil ecological village, Western Galilee

Jack Jano
Israeli Artist

Bezalel graduate, lives and creates in Clil ecological village, Western Galilee


Dr. Sol Lizerbram
President, JNF-USA

“Following the success of the last three art exhibitions at the Space Gallery in the JNF Western Galilee Tourist Information Center, it is a privilege to be a part of “Northern Wind,” the gallery’s latest installation. Reimagining many long-forgotten Galilean traditions, “Northern Wind” serves as a reminder of the rich and ancient cultural significance of the Western Galilee. Although the world has changed throughout generations and centuries, the messages expressed by these four artists show us that the essence of our lives remains constant, as seen through Galilean history. Since the start of our partnership with Western Galilee Now, JNF-USA has been in constant awe discovering how much the region has to offer, and are looking forward to revisit the magic of the North together with you.”


Deb Lust Zaluda
Chair, Go North Western and Eastern Galilee Task Force

Congratulations, Mazal Tov and Mabruk from Go North West to the exhibitors in the new exhibit, “NORTHERN WIND”, at the Space Gallery located in the JNF-USA Western Galilee Tourist Information Center in Old Akko. This exhibit represents the fragility of all that we hold dear, as we look ahead to the winds of change with hope – hope that we will soon reach the other side of this crazy time having survived, perhaps becoming stronger than ever.  Thank you to JNF-USA and our Go North West Task Force for all you do in making this happen.


Russell F. Robinson
Chief Executive Officer, JNF-USA 

“Israel’s northern region is a hidden gem, filled with mysteries and beauty that are constantly being unearthed at the Space Gallery. “Northern Wind” is another kaleidoscopic view of the cultural depth of the Western Galilee, and we are proud to share it with you. Jewish National Fund-USA recognizes the importance of preserving the past and strengthening the future of the Galilee through our Go North initiative, sharing the magic of the Galilee with visitors from around the world, and helping to bring new residents to be a part of its ongoing story for generations to come.”


Eric Michelson
Chief Israel Officer, JNF

Even during a world pandemic, Jewish National Fund USA continues to support Western Galilee Now and all its members, and the JNF-USA Tourist Information Center continues to carry out the highly significant role as the gateway to the North. This new and invigorating exhibition, “Northern Wind”, is a living proof of Jewish National Fund USA’s ongoing efforts to stand here with this important region of Israel, its residents and its artists; no matter what. We will continue to work tirelessly with Western Galilee Now and do everything to ensure the prosperity of the Western Galilee, both to get through these challenging times and to continue thriving tomorrow and beyond.


Michal Shiloah Galnoor
CEO, Western Galilee Now – small businesses consortium

Northern winds are blowing, carrying word of living, sustainable art. Thanks to the awe-inspiring support of Jewish National Fund – USA and especially its Go North West Task Force and the wonderful people behind it, we are able to keep encouraging and creating art, culture and tourism in our area, even nowadays.
The Space Galley in JNF Western Galilee Tourist Information Center, which is run by Western Galilee Now – Small Business Consortium, is proud to open and present a new exhibition by 4 Galilean artists, individually chosen by our curator, Asia Dublin.
As it opens, the exhibition will stream virtually at: akkoinfo.westagalil.org.il
I want to wholeheartedly thank our friends in the US – visionaries and believers who not only believe but also act by contributing to the Galilee’s development, for they know that thanks to their help today – we will be here tomorrow!