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  • Lena Gumon
  • Michaelo Anatoli
  • Lena Gumon
  • Michaelo Anatoli
  • Lena Gumon
The Curator Asia Dublin

Asia Dublin is a curator, designer and jeweler living in Adamit in the Western Galilee.
Today she is  also involved in architectural and interior,  design, both of which are characterized by her own eclectic style.
Over the past few years Asia has initiated and produced various projects in the Western Galilee including exhibitions in private and public venues such as:

Kibbutz Lohamey Ha’Getaot, Cabri Gallery, Rosh Hanikra Gallery and more.
Asia is involved in the restoration and preservation of “The Painted House” in the village of Shlomi.

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Since ancient times, people created fictional and mythic worlds for themselves so they could better understand
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