Recommended places to visit in Akko/ central city sites?

It's recommended to start at the Knights' Halls, where you can buy an all-in-one ticket to the different main sites. You can watch a short video about the history of Akko and an audio guide is optional. The Top 10 Recommended Spots in Akko

Where can I purchase the all-in-one ticket?

At the information point in the Knights' Halls

Is there a Kosher restaurant in Akko?

Roots – kosher meat restaurant at the Knights' Halls courtyard
Aamasbia - kosher dairy restaurant in the Turkish Bazar

Recommended places to eat Hummus?

Hummus Issa, near the market
Hummus Suhila, across the road
For Additional recommendations - local food in the old city

Do you provide maps of Akko?


When do museums close in Old Akko?

Winter - 5pm
Summer - 6pm

Is there parking in the Old City?

Free parking: Hafir (moat) Parking lot
Eucalyptus Parking lot – Sun-Thurs free, Friday-Saturday payed parking
Payed parking: Abirim Parking lot – 20 ILS for full day.

What is the history of Your building before it became the information center?

The building (known as # 13/168) is a large, multistory home, located at one of the main crossroads of the old city.
Three of the city’s markets meet in the building’s square: The outdoor market, Al Tum market, Turkish market.
And the two major mosques of Akko: Al Jezzar, El Rami.
There are various debates as for the history of the building’s construction history.
Architect Alex Kesten, who conducted an in-depth survey of Crusader sites in old Akko, claimed that the building is clearly identifiable as Crusader above ground.
The stages of development of the current building, began in the late 19th century or early 20th century, at the very end of the Ottoman era.
The building was built, in large or completely, during that period.
According to Abdu Matta, born in the old city and one of its known tour guides – local elders reported to him that during the British Mandate the building was a hotel.
Since 1948, building 13/168 was converted from a hotel into residential apartments on the first floor and a store on the ground floor.

It was announced as a conservation building for the following reasons: 1. It is one of the tallest buildings in the area
2. Next to the northern entrance is the monumental construction of the Sybil of El Rami.
3. The vaults of the ground floor represent one of the examples of monumental Ottoman vaults inside the Old City.
4. The first floor has unique windows, having an unusual take on the idea of the circular windows of Akko. They are intentionally constructed, as the top half is a half-circle and the bottom half is half of a rectangle.

What does JNF have to do with the center?

In 2006, JNF-USA launched Go North – a strategic initiative aimed at bolstering and developing the Galilee. The creation of the Information Center in Akko is an intrinsic part of the broader vision of JNF-USA, which anticipates the absorption of 300,000 new residents in the north of Israel over the next decade, and it's becoming a significant player in the country’s economy.
In March 2016, JNF-USA officially opened a tourist information center in the Old City of Akko. The main goal of the Center – which is run by the Western Galilee Now association in cooperation with local tour operators - is to serve as a gateway to the entire Western Galilee for the 2 million tourists arriving in Akko every year.
The information center attracts many travelers taking in the ancient colorful remains of its port city, and guides them to the many tourist attractions in the whole region, this way strengthening the entire area. Getting visitors to see the interior region and to shop, dine, and stay overnight - required the vision of Jewish National Fund. Today, thanks to the information center, more and more travelers are discovering the lush landscapes of this region every year, and tourism is fueling new development and empowering the Galilee’s younger residents to put down roots.

Recommended restaurants in the Old City?

Uri Buri

Where can I change money?

Akko change at the Turkish Bazar or at the post office near the entrance to Knights' Halls

Recommendations for a nice place to sit in the evening?

Elmarsa restaurant has a nice bar to sit at night.
At Akotika Boutique Hotel.
Efendi Hotel rooftop.

Is there a Spa or a Hammam (Turkish bathes) nearby?

Gettes Hammam
Efendi hotel
Pre-booking is required

How do I get to Akko train station/central bus station?

1.Bus line 3A\13 from the Old City station to Acre train station (David Remez / Herzl).
2. Bus line 3A / 3 from the Old City station to Acre central bus station (Ha'Arba'a Road/Ha'Atsma'ut).
Travel time: 10 min.
Cost: NIS 5

From the the Old City to Acre train station.
Travel time: 10 min.
Estimated cost of NIS 20.
Acre Taxi Phone:

Do you have baggage storage?

You can store your bags for a small fee at Akko Gate hostel.

How can I get from Akko to Nazareth?

Bus no. 353 – direct bus from Akko’s central bus station
1.15 hours

Recommended local coffee and sweets?

Kashash sweets

What are your opening hours?

Sun-Thurs 9am-5pm
Fri 9am-2pm
Sat 10 am to 4 pm

How can get updates about your events and activities?

Sign up for our newsletter or check our website

Where can I rent a car?

Nice Auto
22 HaGdud St.
10 min. walk from the Old City

How can get train and bus schedules?

You are welcome to use our computer stands at the information center or get the help you need at the desk.

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