“Good Thing There Was A Painter There”

Good Thing There Was A Painter There - an exhibition that recreates the signing of a petition for world peace in the city of Akko in the 1950s.

Curator of the Exhibition: Yaara Galor

Yaara Galor, curator of exhibitions, archives, and collections. Graduated from the art history department at Haifa University and the museology and curation department at Tel Aviv University. Yaara lives in Clil in the Western Galilee. She has been working in the world of museums and archives for more than a decade, during which she served as chief curator at the Ghetto Fighters Museum and the Yigal Alon House. Over the years she has curated permanent and changing exhibitions mainly on the subject of the Holocaust and the Resurrection. Lecturer on the relationship between a museum and an archive in training on behalf of the Council for the Preservation of Sites.